Black and White Party

I was forced to go out during Thanksgiving break because one of my friends had purchased the tickets to a birthday party.  But I actually ended up enjoying myself.  One of my classmates, from high school, threw himself a party for his birthday with a special guest Lil Durk.  I wasn’t that enthused to go [...]

West Side Alumni Weekend!

West side alumni weekend has become divided. The original committee, class of 1970, had their weekend during the second weekend of July which consisted of a dance and picnic. During the original weekend, the last weekend of July, several different individuals and groups threw several different events throughout the city. The original weekend was lit! [...]

Family Matters: Bowman Family Reunion 2017

Last year we made our way to Alabama for our family reunion.  This year since many of the older members of the family couldn’t travel we bought the reunion back to the midwest.  My mother and aunt took the lead on the planning.  The events they planned for the weekend were a huge success and [...]