McDonald’s All American Game

            I’ve always loved basketball, from a very young age.  I, also, like to cheer on a good game.  Teaching in a high school setting I love to go to my students’ games, every chance I get and cheer them on.             For years I’ve watched the McDonald’s All American game on TV and I [...]

All Summer 16 for the 15 – Day Party

The weekend continued Saturday afternoon with a Day Party at The Centennial at 504, a local venue in the city.  It’s a newer venue which used to be a bank but has been converted to a hall.  What’s amazing about the building is the original architect has been preserved in the interior.  The place was [...]

Formation Tour!!!

I’ve see Beyoncé perform so many times and every time is better than the previous time.  The Formation Tour was amazing!  Beyoncé announced the tour months before the album released.  Fans purchased the tickets so fast that she added an additional show for her Chicago venue.  She performed new songs off the album such as [...]