Living Life Like its Golden

Living Life Like its Golden             As 2017 is well on its way, many people are creating New Year resolutions and screaming the slogan “New Year, New Me!” but I’m taking a different approach this year.  This year I’m not creating long term resolutions because majority of the time they don’t fall through.  I’m taking [...]

The Mitchell’s Anniversary

            September 21st, one of my favorite couples celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary.  The couple invited some of their close friends to help celebrate their special day this past weekend.  The night started off at Copper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant with dinner, which I couldn’t make it to because of work. I met up with [...]

Horace Mann Reunion Weekend 2016: 2001 Meet and Greet!

           Every second weekend in September is the Horace Mann All Class Reunion weekend.  This year several friends of mine were celebrating their 15th Class Reunion from Horace Mann during the weekend.  Plus, it was also my birthday weekend.             The first event, I attended, was the Class of 2001 Meet [...]

All Summer 16 for the 15 – Day Party

The weekend continued Saturday afternoon with a Day Party at The Centennial at 504, a local venue in the city.  It’s a newer venue which used to be a bank but has been converted to a hall.  What’s amazing about the building is the original architect has been preserved in the interior.  The place was [...]

All Summer 16 for the 15 – All White Midnight Cruise

            A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to celebrate my 15 year class reunion as being a high school graduate.  Let me be the first to say that the weekend was epic.  The city came out and showed out during the entire weekend, peacefully!             The reunion weekend jumped off Friday night with [...]