Sundress Season Part 2… Royalty with a Hint of Lime

I really loathe the word or phrase “Sundress” but after doing research I found that it was the best description to the dresses that I will be wearing for this series on my blog. Sundress is to maxi dress as relation is to function, or for you non-mathematicians, as metaphor is to simile. A maxi [...]

Sundress Season Part 1…Chucks and Stripes

            Let me start off by saying “MIDWEST WEATHER SUCKS!!!” We are well into summer in NWI (Northwest Indiana) and I have yet to wear any sundresses because the weather has been whack. We have had rainy, cold, basically overall crappy weather all June but July is looking up and on that note I am [...]

Faux Fur and Leatherette

Now since the sun has set and it’s getting dark a lot earlier these day, these looks are more appropriate for those chilly fall nights. Whether you’re stepping out for a dinner date, night out with the girls, or just catching a movie with family, these looks will have you looking fabulous. Look #4 The [...]

Twisted Tops, Dusters, and Pleats

            With fall well underway, and actually winter trying to creep in and make an early appearance, I am way overdue for a Fall Lookbook. This year all the stores are stocking up on faux fur, leather, and lots of shiny and shimmery clothes. This lookbook will display casual looks, [...]

To Dance With My Father

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society." -       Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist   As Father’s Day comes to an end, families have celebrated the fathers in their lives with breakfast, dinners, cookouts and gifts. R & R Productions took a [...]