Big3 Tournament 2018

Big3 Tournament 2018

This is the second year of Ice Cube’s Big3 tournament and it was as 10 times better than last year.  The Big3 tournament is a summer 3-on-3 tournament that consist of retired NBA players and other B league stars. The games were even better this year. This year some great past players came out from [...]

Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas was over a month ago and I’m already ready to go on another trip.  People need vacations. In March, I was feeling so drained, with work, school, and mommy duties.  It seemed like I never had a moment to myself. So, I kind of put it out there on Snapchat that I wanted to [...]

Revolution Fashion Event: The Kevin Cutting Experience

I’m all about supporting events that happen in my city when I am available to make it to them.  This event is no different.  I was already interested in the event because it was a fashion show and I’m in to fashion.  But once, I heard that a dear friend of mines niece was in [...]

All White… Well Not Everything

The 4th of July weekend the men of Omega Psi Phi hosted their 9th Annual White Owt Beach Party.  The party literally gets better and better each year and this year it did not disappoint.  There were several DJs throughout the Aquatorium, which is on the beach, giving us a variety of music and atmospheres. [...]

Sundress Season Part 2… Royalty with a Hint of Lime

I really loathe the word or phrase “Sundress” but after doing research I found that it was the best description to the dresses that I will be wearing for this series on my blog. Sundress is to maxi dress as relation is to function, or for you non-mathematicians, as metaphor is to simile. A maxi [...]

Twisted Tops, Dusters, and Pleats

            With fall well underway, and actually winter trying to creep in and make an early appearance, I am way overdue for a Fall Lookbook. This year all the stores are stocking up on faux fur, leather, and lots of shiny and shimmery clothes. This lookbook will display casual looks, [...]