An All White Affair Fashion Show

Recently, I was able to participate in a fashion show that was unforgettable, to say the least. The night of rehearsal was fun, hilarious, and the chemistry between this group of strangers was great. I knew at the end of that night that I had gained newfound friendships in these wonderful people that would last [...]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

The third part of the blog will consist of some impromptu looks. The following looks are inspired by random events that might happen during the long summer days while we just happen to be out and about. Part 3 Look #8: Sunday Brunch When church lets out, I’m usually hungry so it’s always good to [...]

Make a Statement!!!

As the weather begins to break, it’s time to start thinking about a spring/summer wardrobe. Invites to weddings, showers, and parties are beginning to flood your mailbox or the weather is just getting warmer and spending more time outside the house sounds good; either way you still want to look good. So it’s time to [...]