Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas was over a month ago and I’m already ready to go on another trip.  People need vacations. In March, I was feeling so drained, with work, school, and mommy duties.  It seemed like I never had a moment to myself. So, I kind of put it out there on Snapchat that I wanted to [...]

Revolution Fashion Event: The Kevin Cutting Experience

I’m all about supporting events that happen in my city when I am available to make it to them.  This event is no different.  I was already interested in the event because it was a fashion show and I’m in to fashion.  But once, I heard that a dear friend of mines niece was in [...]

Laced Up with a Hint of Lime

            This weekend I had a couple of events to attend.  The first event was a birthday party at a somewhat local bar and the other was a Bike Club’s celebration at a local venue.  I originally wanted to wear a dress because it has been forever since I’ve really gotten dressed up. Although, I [...]

With a Hint of Lime

            This past week I’ve come to realize that I have a lot of friends that celebrate their birthdays as the zodiac sign, Leo. I’ve been turning up for friends’ birthdays all week and there are still more to come. Last nights adventures started off with a surprise birthday dinner at the Grand Lux located [...]