Annual Father’s Day Dance 2017

12 years and counting!  R & R Productions have been giving this Father’s Day dance for 12 years.  Can you believe it.  This event is probably considered the prom for the 40 and over crowd.  These men come out in their Sunday’s best just to enter the “Best Dressed Father Contest.”  Don’t worry ladies they [...]

The Party Tour

I will watch Chris Brown preform any day.  The party tour was absolutely amazing, but I expected it to be nothing less of it.  I absolutely love watching Chris Brown perform because he brings so much energy to the stage.  I was really interested in seeing Fabulous perform because I’ve never seen him live.  Fabulous [...]

The Bioncé Foxx Experience with Tank

            OMG! When I say this was one of the best concerts I have ever attended, it would be an understatement.  This past Sunday Bioncé Foxx hosted a Valentine’s concert at the House of Blues in Chicago featuring Tank.  Chicago’s own Slique Jay Adams opened up for Tank.  Slique has several hits but he is [...]

An All White Affair Fashion Show

Recently, I was able to participate in a fashion show that was unforgettable, to say the least. The night of rehearsal was fun, hilarious, and the chemistry between this group of strangers was great. I knew at the end of that night that I had gained newfound friendships in these wonderful people that would last [...]