Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas Fight Weekend But No Fight!

Vegas was over a month ago and I’m already ready to go on another trip.  People need vacations. In March, I was feeling so drained, with work, school, and mommy duties.  It seemed like I never had a moment to myself. So, I kind of put it out there on Snapchat that I wanted to [...]

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible Tour

OMG! This tour is probably the funniest one I’ve seen to date.  Everyone was funny. I love how he makes light of his personal experiences.  I think that is what makes him such a great comedian. The great baby skit was hilarious.  My ribs were hurting and I was crying so hard from laughing during [...]

NYE 2017

When you get a text message with a screenshot you never know what to expect.  This particular screenshot included an event on NYE that one of my friends was interested in attended.  I immediately started asking questions such as;  will there be black people there, how much will is cost, who’s all going?  After, those [...]