Family Matters: Bowman Family Reunion 2017

Last year we made our way to Alabama for our family reunion.  This year since many of the older members of the family couldn’t travel we bought the reunion back to the midwest.  My mother and aunt took the lead on the planning.  The events they planned for the weekend were a huge success and [...]

Revolution Fashion Event: The Kevin Cutting Experience

I’m all about supporting events that happen in my city when I am available to make it to them.  This event is no different.  I was already interested in the event because it was a fashion show and I’m in to fashion.  But once, I heard that a dear friend of mines niece was in [...]

Ladies’ Night Out: R & B Jam

            My friends and I try to get together every once and while just to hang out, kick it, and have some great laughs.  This time we decided to do something different.  When we heard about the concert we thought it would be a great time. The concert featured Avant, Dave Hollister, Ginuwine, Tank, Tamar, [...]