On Cloud McManus Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my beauticians bridal shower.  It took place at The Allure, in Chesterton, IN, a venue that I had not had the pleasure of attending before but it was beautiful on the inside.  This by far has been one of the best bridal showers that I have ever attended. It was so elegant and feminine. Honestly, something that I could see wanting for myself when it’s my turn.  I loved how they tied in the floral theme to both her bridal shower and wedding invitations with the actually bridal shower. I would love to know what the wedding would be like but its a destination wedding so I will not be attending this one.  

When, I received the message from her sister a couple of weeks ago asking me if I was going to attend because I forgot to RSVP I instantly knew what I wanted to wear to the bridal shower.  It was the Low Rider Pant Set from Fashion Nova that I had recently ordered. It was simple and cute, plus it matched the theme a little bit. I paired the set with my Floral Print Side Bow Flat sandals.  Completing the look were my oversized crystal stud earrings and my chunky Arvan necklace.




This event was one for the books and definitely one that I’ll aspire my to emulate when I have my turn at this process.


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