Top 20 Distinguished Banquet

When I say it was an honor, I mean it.  Every year the school that I teach at top 20 students in the graduating class honor a teacher that has influenced their educational career.  This was my first year! I was completely surprised because I rarely ever have the opportunity to teach, let alone, meet the honor students. The opportunity to meet and get to know this young lady was by chance when her locker ended up being right next to my classroom her sophomore year.  From that chance meeting the relationship prospered. The event was really nice. Teachers and students shared stories, why they chose the teacher, and why it meant so much to the teachers. Again, I was completely honored and happy she chose me to share this memory with her.

Now, for what I wore.  I had to correct for this event not only because it was my first time attending, and I didn’t know what to expect, but also because it could be quite possibly my only opportunity to attend the Top 20 banquet.  I decided to be overdressed verses being underdressed. When she told me she nominated me I instantly started looking for something to wear. After searching for what seemed forever I found the Symmetrical Flounce Shoulder Form Fitting dress.  I had to settle for navy because the red one was sold out when I finally was ready to order.

The day of the event paired the dress with my denim single sole heels, I borrowed my friend’s chunky Arvan necklace from Aldo.  I also wore my newly received Alex & Anni apple bracelet, which was fitting for the occasion, a great gift for Teacher’s Appreciation and Mother’s Day.  I completed the look with my large oversized reversible crystal earrings.



I had a great time at the event and I hope that I have to honor of attending the Top 20 banquet in the future.


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