Aquarius Bash 2018

The annual Aquarius bash has come and gone but per usual I was there to celebrate with all my Aquarius friends.  This year was no different, we were super lit and had so much fun.

During winter months I tend to hibernate and really don’t club much.  Don’t get me wrong my life was still lit it just didn’t include me going to the club.  I had no idea what I wanted to wear because of the weather and it being so unpredictable.  

After talking to one of my friends and tossing some ideas around.  I sent her picture of a dress that I like on a boutique that I follow on Instagram.  She quickly directed my talents to Amazon. I was hesitant to order from Amazon because sometimes messing with those Chinese they set you up and the clothes don’t be fitting.  I was like well it’s only about $20 and if it doesn’t fit I can just give it away. I placed my order and prayed for the best.

During the same, I received an email that a jacket that I attempted to order from Fashion Nova was back in stock. I had to order it because the jacket was everything.  Since, I ordered the dress I decided to add this over just in case the dress was shorter than I anticipated.





The night was fun, which is expected when I hang out with my friends. Can’t wait until we link up again!


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