NYE 2017

When you get a text message with a screenshot you never know what to expect.  This particular screenshot included an event on NYE that one of my friends was interested in attended.  I immediately started asking questions such as;  will there be black people there, how much will is cost, who’s all going?  After, those questions were answered I was down to attend the party.

Since, this party was going to take place downtown I wanted to be super dressed up because it had been a long time since I had actually been out on New Year’s Eve.  I searched for a couple of weeks trying to find something to wear.  Windsor’s website was having a 12 days of Christmas sale where everyday was a different sale.  One day 4 the sale was 40% off sequin.  I jumped on the deal because the Evanna Copper Evening dress had caught my eye and I originally didn’t want to pay that price.  Paying only $47.94 for a dress that was originally $79.90 was a steal in my book.  

I debated on shoes though.  With it being winter and snow on the ground I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear open-toe shoes but after talking to my friend, who was also going, and she said that she was wearing some because they were getting a room in the hotel where the party was being held at.  With that information I decided to wear my single sole black heels. 









I was blessed enough to be gifted a hotel room for the night, too.  The party was lit and I might of twerked a little too much that night.


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