The Great Xscape Tour

When Xscape performed during the BET Awards the group realized that everyone was still just as in love with their music 20 years later, as we were of them.  Days later they announced that they would be doing a reunion tour.  I knew that I wanted to be all over that.  Tour dates were announced in September but many of my friends were playing around.  A few weeks later my cousin texted me stating that she would be traveling this way for her birthday and that I better make plans for her.  I mentioned the concert to her stating that there was still decent seats left.  She was down to go.  Since, the concert wasn’t selling out super fast she sent me her money a few weeks later and I was able to snag a couple of 200 level seats.  

When I was shopping for something to wear to the Jay-Z concert I figured that I should just kill two birds with one stone by finding something for this concert too.  While, shopping during Cyber Monday I found the mauve Bright Spark Ruffled Sweatshirt on Akira’s website. I figured it would be a cute and casual top to wear to such event.  Plus, I had the perfect pair of booties to go with the sweatshirt.  These black booties featured mauve and turquoise flowers.  Adding to the look I wore my Cassie Distressed jeans.  My black statement necklace completed this perfect concert look.



I enjoyed singing all the old songs from the 90s and quality time spent with my cousin.


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