December BoxyCharm 2017

I absolutely love BoxyCharm.  Let’s see what they sent me this month in my box.

Crown Brush – Deluxe Blush Brush – $12

This brush is universal with its super soft, dense synthetic bristles.  It can be used with powders and cream blushes.  This brush can even be used to complete more dramatic looks.

RealHer – Be Fearless, Be Limitless – Blush Kit – $32

These shimmery tones are the perfect addition to any look you are trying to create.

Beaute Basics – Bronze Essentials – $39.95

The palette can be used individually or mixed together to give whatever look you’re creating the ultimate glow.

Tarte – tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – $23

This jet black mascara is perfect if you want to complete a look using you natural lashes.  It adds so much volume to lashes.

Pretty Vulgar – My Lips Are Sealed Lightweight Liquid Lipstick – $24

This metallic gloss gives your lips a radiant finish.  It has a nice creamy texture with a citrus flavor.


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