ADF Bulls Game

I’m always here to support the kids and tonight was no different.  A few kids, whether a friend or family’s child, that I know dance for Asia’s Dance Factory.  The dancers had to opportunity to perform before the Bulls vs. Celtics game.  I could tell that all their practice and hard work paid off because the team did an amazing job.  

Since, I was going to a basketball game I wanted to be cute and casual because I always end up jumping and screaming during the game.  I literally had an hour to get dressed and meet my friends because we had to be at the game super early in order to see the team perform.

I quickly put together my mesh long sleeve bodysuit, black faux fur vest, leave me alone jeans (Fashion Nova), and black off the side booties.  The outfit came together great.  I completed the look with my gold, velvet, and crystal necklace.  I was super cute and comfy at the game.





It was a great time to be among family and friends with jokes and laughs. Plus, the bulls won!


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