4:44 Tour

When I heard that Jay-Z was going on tour I knew immediately that I needed to be there.  So, I waited patiently for the tickets to go on sale.  Keep in mind it’s the middle of July when I’m waiting and the concert wasn’t until December.  I was able to find decent 200 level tickets, because I couldn’t afford anything closer, and purchased immediately.  I bought 2 tickets having no clue who I was going to take with me but I knew I was going.  

Months pass by, seasons have changed and now it’s time to figure out what I was going to wear.  As you know during Thanksgiving weekend just about every store has a sale.  So, taking advantage of that I attempted to find something to wear.  I had no luck but Cyber Monday came through for me.

I hopped on Akira’s website and found a jacket and sweater that I thought would be great for a couple of events that I have coming up in December.  Well, it was only a thought because over the weekend I went into Akira and saw a jacket that I was feeling much more than what I had originally had planned to wear.  

The jacket featured a hynpos print in black, gold, white, and red.  I paired the jacket with a black cami, a pair of dark denim Levis, and the “Dangerously in Love” coned heel slouchy boots from Akira.  The boots were very comfortable. I completed the look with my red with gold studs mini purse, gold choker, oversized crystal earrings, and a red electric lip.

















Those 200 level seats weren’t that bad because the stage was centered in the middle of the floor.  The concert was lit. Vic Mensa even did his thing.


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