Black and White Party

I was forced to go out during Thanksgiving break because one of my friends had purchased the tickets to a birthday party.  But I actually ended up enjoying myself.  One of my classmates, from high school, threw himself a party for his birthday with a special guest Lil Durk.  I wasn’t that enthused to go to the party because I thought that Lil Durk would attract a younger crowd and I prefer not to party with the “kids.”  Overall, the party was fun and I really enjoyed myself.

Because I decided to go to the party last minute I already knew that I was going to were something that I already owned.  I dug deep in my closet and pulled out my long-sleeve denim dress and my a pair of black laced knee high boots.  I added my red with gold studs mini purse and a black/gold choker combination to complete the look.









He’s throwing a NYE party and I just might have to attend that one too.


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