80’s & 90’s House Party

My circle of friends and myself love to celebrate birthdays.  It seems like every other week it’s someone’s birthday.  This particular birthday was special to one of my friends as he was turning 40.  His cousin, a very close friend of mines, also celebrated her 34 birthday.  To celebrate their birthdays with an old fashioned house party, inspired by the 80s and 90s.  

Of course, me and my friends began discussing what we wanted to wear to the party.  My friends and I decided to roll with the 90s and get airbrushed shirts made to wear to the party.  We used hot pink, turquoise, and purple as the colors on the shirts.  Then each of my friends added a little of their own personality to the rest of the outfit.

When we arrived at the party there were backdrops inspired by the decades, a DJ, who played hits from both the 80s and 90s, a wicker chair, that practically all our parents have at least one picture sitting in, and a bartender.  We partied all night long.  






I absolutely love when my friends and I get together because we make some great memories.


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