Halloween 2017

Every year I order a Halloween costume with no idea of what I am going to do to celebrate the holiday but there’s nothing like being prepared just in case my friends decide they want to do something.  Of course, at the last minute we made the decision that we wanted to do something so I am glad that I was prepared for the very busy day ahead of me.

The day started off with me setting up a candy dessert table at a party that my friend’s mom was hosting.  I ended up staying at the party and helping run the bar.  I then raced home and changed into my costume in an attempt to make it to the Halloween party before 11:30.  We ended up going to the annual Halloween party and Top Shelf.  This year I went as a wench, which is a form of a pirate.  



I really enjoyed myself at the party maybe next year I’ll throw my own Halloween party since I kind of love this holiday.


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