Wild’n Out

When, I first received the email that Wild’n Out was coming to the area, I was super excited because the show is really funny.  The day the tickets went on sale I looked at prices, which was reasonable, but due to single girl problems I did not purchase at the time because I did not have anyone to go with.  Some time in August, I came across another email that stated they were added a second show and since I knew that I wasn’t taking a trip during my fall break I purchased tickets.  

As with any event I never know what to wear.  For October the weather was seasonally warm so I was completely lost on what to wear because my original outfit it was too warm to wear.  The week of the event, I ordered the mocha fire bomb jacket and the light Cassy distress jeans from Fashion Nova.  By Thursday, I had not received an email stating that the items had shipped so I started working on a plan B.  Not wanting to purchase anything else I settled for my original outfit,  which was  a colorblock tan light open trench coat, white t-shirt, black jeans, and my “Black on the Side” booties.  The rain really put a damper on the night but the comedy show was hilarious.  Several of the comedians came out and did standup plus they performed several of the improv scenes they do on the show.  The family reunion skit was hilarious.




As always I will continue to watch the show because it is so funny.  I can’t wait until the next events I have coming up in December.


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