Trap Karaoke

Can you believe that Trap  Karaoke came back to Chicago twice in one year.  What is Trap Karaoke?  It is what is sounds like, Karaoke with trap music.  The first time that Trap Karaoke was in town I did not find out about it in time to attend. I was really bummed because it seemed like something that would be fun and that I would really enjoy.

When I was driving home one day I decided to check my email. While checking my email I received one from Trap Karaoke stating that they were coming back to Chicago for another show. The icing on the cake was that it fell on my birthday! I instantly knew that I wanted to go.

Of course the week of the event and I had no idea what I wanted to wear. After the event The plan was the held back to Gary for a kickoff party for the Horace Mann Alumni weekend festivities. Since, this time Trap Karaoke was being help at the House of Blues I knew I wanted to be comfortable because it was going to be a long night a of standing.  

The night before I went looking for something to wear for my birthday. I ended up finding the Mauve Shoulder Show Bomber jacket, from Windsor, to wear. I also picked up a pair of black sandals because I was in dire need a new pair.  I paired the jacket with my Leave me Alone jeans, from Fashion Nova.  During Trap Karaoke I wore the pair of black sandals that I purchased the night before but I changed when I got to the party into a pair of black fringe wedges, just slightly dressing up the outfit for the club.




Here’s a glimpse of my attire from the work day before all the turn up began!

Mauve Sleeveless Flyaway vest

Medium Denim High-waist jeans

Floral Print Side Bow Flat Sandals

Trap Karaoke was dope and I definitely will be catching the next show when they come to town. I brought Year 34 in with a bang and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for me.



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