Horace Mann Reunion 2017

Every year the Horace Mann All Class Alumni weekend falls on or around my birthday. Besides the fact that my mom is the President of the committee and I participate in the events to support her. Several of my close friends went to Horace Mann so for the past several years we’ve been going together to celebrate.

This year the committee did not have a theme so it  was whatever you wanted to wear. My friends and I being who we are decided to create our own theme and wear black and white to the party. I agreed because I had already purchased a dress a month prior and new it would be perfect for the dance.

The stripe it up dress from fashion nova had just the right amount of class and sexy for the night. I paired the dress with a simple pair of black single sole heels, studded velvet and gold link chain, and white faux snake skin clutch.




The night was lit! I can’t wait until next year because the dance will actually fall on my birthday!


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