Dominican Takeover “A Starra Has Landed”

A star has landed.  One of the groups that I am in on Facebook, which consist of women from all around the country,host a trip every other year just to celebrate life and just give the ladies an opportunity to get to know each other outside the group.  This was my first opportunity to participate in the trip.  The trip is extended outside the group.  Out of my close friends,  five of us ended up going on the trip.  Just to say the least, the trip was nothing short of amazing.  

The resort was absolutely beautiful.  About a couple of months before the trip we decided that we would all wear the same color one night to dinner and just snap some pictures afterwards.  When I tell you that this idea turned into a full blown photoshoot because the resort had photographers on site to take pictures.  We had the opportunity to take pictures in the courtyard, the VIP section of the resort, and on the beach.  He did an amazing job.  The pictures were everything.  We definitely set the bar high for any future trips that we take as a group.   The group of ladies who attended the Ladies’ Only Trip from the group on Facebook held a meet and greet Thursday night and requested all the ladies to wear white to stand out at the resort.  Also, my friends and I had the opportunity to go on a booze cruise, snorkel (which was a fail for me), and dune buggy through the island.  

Here are some pictures from the trip.  

The famous “Facebook” passport picture, everyone takes, once my friends and I became international travelers.

After the Meet and Greet on the beach.

Checking out the night life on the resort.

Getting dirty on the dune buggies.  Snapping pictures at a couple of stops along the way.

Pool day on the resort.

After the booze cruise on the way back to the room.



The photo shoot on the beach and in the courtyard.

A couple of group pictures of us.


I can’t wait until the next trip.



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