West Side Alumni Weekend!

West side alumni weekend has become divided. The original committee, class of 1970, had their weekend during the second weekend of July which consisted of a dance and picnic. During the original weekend, the last weekend of July, several different individuals and groups threw several different events throughout the city. The original weekend was lit!

Friday night started off for me with just having a few drinks with friends at Pepe’s. It was actually a very nice crowd in the building. I had the opportunity to see several classmates I hadn’t seen in years. Friday was cool, chill, and laidback night.

Saturday night turned into a dual event. Several friends and I threw a surprise party for another friend at one of the venues that was hosting an alumni party. We had a VIP area to ourselves but I moved around mingling with old and new friends.

The top that I wore was originally for the Que party at the beginning of July but due to the company that I ordered the top through changing some things on their end it delayed the shipping so it didn’t arrive on time.  So, I ended up wearing the Mary Lou Puff Sleeve Top, from Fashion Nova, with the Casual Trip Distressed Denim shorts, from GoJane.  I added my rose gold winged Goddess heels and rose gold accessories to complete the look.









Sunday ended the weekend with a picnic at a local park that usually hold it.  It was a great time I got the opportunity to meet classmates’ children and other family members.  I look forward to the weekend every year and next year and all the years to come I will look forward to West Side’s Alumni weekend.


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