Kendrick Lamar: Damn Tour

 This summer started with a concert so it was only right to end the summer the same way. I had the pleasure of bringing the summer to a close with Kendrick Lamar’s Damn Tour.


I wasn’t sure what to expect because I didn’t know his fan base.  I wasn’t sure if the concert would have a hype atmosphere or a more relaxed/chill one. The experience was pretty awesome.  The crowd literally stood up the entire concert and knew all the lyrics to every song, verbatim. I felt some type of way because my lyrical knowledge of his middle album was deficient. I still turned up though.


Since, this concert was also the pregame to my alma mater all class reunion picnic I wanted to be super cute. Let me quit fronting, I’m extra and this concert was no different. I saw the top I wore to the concert in Windsor before it even hit the shelves.  Preoccupied shopping for another event at the time I didn’t purchase it. When I returned a couple weeks later to find only 3 tops left. One of them happened to be in my size so I purchased it knowing it would be perfect for the concert but it would require me to be overdressed, as usual. I wore my Bermuda shorts from Fashion Nova.  I added my camel fringe heels, gold link necklace, and small camel bag to complete the look.


The experience was dope and I’m already counting down the days until next summer.


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