Omega Psi Phi Annual White Owl Party

This year, the men of Omega Psi Phi changed it up a tad bit for their annual White Owt party.  The location stayed the same but this year the function took place on a Sunday and was more of a day party, instead.  Despite, the changes the party was an awesome event bringing people out from all over the area.

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes from Windsor one day I was working my other job in the mall.  They didn’t have my size, store, but I ended up ordering them almost immediately off the site.  The rose gold goddess winged heels were everything.  I added the demin woven breeze top to the order, as well.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to wear the shoes to but I had to have them. 

Well, the party was an all white affair but we know that I don’t follow directions.  I just couldn’t conform this year.  Again, not really knowing if I would attend the party this year I did not plan in advance.  Eventually, I figured that the party would be a great place to wear the shoes and the shirt.  I added my pair of white glistening jeans with the shirt and shoes and I had myself an outfit.  Rose gold accessories purchased at a local store completed the look. 







I look forward to this party every year and next year will be no different!


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