Throwback: 90s Party

There is usually plenty going on during July in my city and surrounding area.  The month, well 4th weekend, started off with a 90s party featuring Scarface.   I went back and forth with myself trying to figure out if I was going to the party or not.  Hours before the party I finally made a decision to attend.  My friends happen to be out shopping so I asked them to do me a favor and try to find me a hat to wear.

The outfit eventually came together.  It was Brandy/MJB inspired.  I ended up wearing a pair of acid washed overalls, a black T-shirt, a black front snap hat, and my leopard ankle strapped platforms. I even added my nameplate necklace and a lace choker for extra affect.


The party was great!  They DJ’s played nothing but 90s music which was refreshing, to say the least.  Scarface’s performance was pretty dope.  It was an awesome start to the holiday festivities. 


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