Ispy June 2017

This month’s bag featured a pair of red lips on the cover. I was expecting to see a great red lipstick in the bag but let’s take a look at what Ispy sent me this month.

Beaute Basics – TRAVEL FACE BLENDER – $9.99

This beauty blender can be used to apply liquid and cream formulas leaving streaky makeup in the past. This blender leaves your complexion looking airbrushed, filtered, and flawless. The blender helps you get in the hard to reach places. It small and perfect for traveling.

Beauty For Real – I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner – $14

This liner lasts all day with it’s rich gel formula. Since, this liner does not dry immediately it gives you the opportunity to play with it before it sets. The best part about this liner is that it does not require a sharpener.

theBalm Cosmetics – INSTAIN Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush – $22

When they say a little bit goes a long way they weren’t lying when it came to the blush. This blush is longer and will last all day, at least 12 hours. The best part of this blush is that is can work as a glory eye shadow.

Hey Honey – Uncover DETOXIFYING MUD MASK – $54

This mask goes above and beyond. It detoxifies, stimulates, clarifies, refines, soothes, and cleanses. The mask is made with black mud, honeysuckle, aloe, and propolis. This mask will leave your skins clear and smooth.

PUR Mini Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara – $22

This mascara strengthens, thickens, and lengthens your lashes with its magnetic scientific formula. The band separates the lashes and fans them out leaving them look extra fluttery and defined. The formula even prevents lash loss.



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