BoxyCharm June 2017

Let’s see what in the Downtown Charm June box.

Eyeshadow Palette by RealHer – $28

The rich hues are pigmented to make all eye colors and skin tones look great.  The palette is designed to last all day, leaving you shadow creaseless and fade proof.  The palette has colors ranging from smooth mattes to metallic sheens.  For the best application, start with the light colors in the crease and work your way out with the dark colors.

3 Sheet Masks by Biobelle Cosmetics – $ 14.97

Want an instant boost?  This mask is perfect for you!.  The mask hydrates and evens out your skin tone leaving your skins glowing.  Biobelle has won awards using their TENCEL that delivers antioxidants to your skins faster and deeper.

Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture – $26.99

If you are a glow getter then you will love this glow powder.  The powder is great for all skin tones.  The sheen is an all-natural loose powder that leaves application effortless.  It’s even multi-purpose.  iT can be used to highlight your face or on your lips, eyes, or body.

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick by Ofra Cosmetics – $19.90

The lipstick is a one-step lip color.  The creamy and soft texture of the lipstick leaves your lips moisturized for long wear.  If you’re looking for a new look this lipstick is perfect for you.

Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 by Luxie Beauty – $24

The tapered brush is perfect for dusting away powders, applying highlighter, and even blush.  This brush works best for baking, especially under the eye area.


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