Revolution Fashion Event: The Kevin Cutting Experience

I’m all about supporting events that happen in my city when I am available to make it to them.  This event is no different.  I was already interested in the event because it was a fashion show and I’m in to fashion.  But once, I heard that a dear friend of mines niece was in the fashion show and that it was all going to be local designers I was all over this event.

Kevin Cuttino put on an amazing event and I will support anything that he does from here forward.  Kevin is a Wirt graduate, who was inspired to give back to his city.  Proceeds from the event went to Asia’s Dance Factory, a local dance studio.  He has not only modeled but also attended Fashion Week in NYC.  Kevin has appeared on shows such as Empire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Justice, and the list goes on.

Kevin took on the task that involved 40 models, 23 designers, and countless vendors.  Designers in the show included Motivational Loyalty (by a 16 year old), ChillMode, Inspire the Revolution (out of Detroit) “Angry Black Woman/ Black Gods,” CMC/Flawless/Woodstock Worthy, Control Freak, and Juiced Up, which were all urban designers.  Ashley Stewart and iconic plus size fashion brand located in the Village Shopping Center also had models sporting some of their latest fashions.  Knottylook and Why Knot which were handmade knitted designs were also in the show with some great items.  Tie Fly opened the show with some of the best handmade evening attire I’ve ever seen.  I honestly wanted a couple pieces from the collection.  The kids couldn’t be left out and She Tutu Cute had some amazing pieces specifically designed for children. Gallery 82 featured handmade jewelry. Poshae was a photography idea turned into a newspaper design appeal scene for the show. MJ’s Boutique, Dos Ja Luxe, She Is Me Fab Boutique are local boutiques that had models showing off items that they have in stock from dresses, tops, and swimwear.

Now, you know it’s only right for me to arrive fashionable to a fashion show.  But it didn’t come without work a little work.  The vest that I ordered originally wasn’t in stock, then I found a shirt but it did not arrive on time so I had to start from the drawing board just hours before the show.  I searched every crevice of my closet looking for something to wear.  I remembered that I purchased a denim cutout shoulder jacket from Akira back in March that I hadn’t worn yet.  I thought the jacket would be cute worn as a shirt but I wasn’t sure if I had a bottom to wear because jeans and pants were out of the equation.  I ended up finding a pair of white shorts, in my closet, that I wore to a party last summer.  I added at hint of color with my lime fringe heels, handgun clutch, button earrings, and link chain to complete the look.

Overall, I loved the show and I hope Kevin continues to give back to his city and his events grow larger and better.


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