Lew Wallace Prevails

            The annual All Alumni basketball weekend has come and gone and it was lit, as usual.  This year West Side wasn’t victorious and Lew Wallace took the trophy home.  The most exciting part of the event was the West Side and Roosevelt game.  The entire gym was sitting on the edge of the bleachers for the entire game.  The game came down to who had the ball at the final buzzer. West Side reigned victorious in game 3 of the event but eventually lost to East Chicago Central in the semifinals.

            Since, the game has brought the city out I knew the after party would be lit.  So I totally wanted to attend the after party.  Back in February I took a chance, hoping I could fit them, and purchased a pair of black laced knee high boots from one of the favorite site, Windsor.  The shoes fit but barely fit.  My friend suggested that I should wear them to the after party.

            In March, I was having a conversation with a friend about Rasheedah Frost and how we absolutely love everything that she wears.  Throughout the conversation I was explaining how I get on Pinterest, find fashion looks that I am interested in, and then see if I can duplicate them.  Or just use Pinterest just to get inspiration.

            I ended up wearing an Oversized Camo Utility jacket, a mesh black bodysuit, a dark pair of high-waist shorts, and the black front exposure boots. The outfit came together great and I really enjoyed myself.


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