Ladies’ Night Out: R & B Jam

            My friends and I try to get together every once and while just to hang out, kick it, and have some great laughs.  This time we decided to do something different.  When we heard about the concert we thought it would be a great time. The concert featured Avant, Dave Hollister, Ginuwine, Tank, Tamar, and Donnell Jones.  Everyone really put on a great performance and it was a very enjoyable show.

            After having a last minute wardrobe malfunction, minutes before my friend arrived, I ended up wearing a my “Been There Before” sage dress from FashionNova, my denim single sole heels from Akira, my white Flyaway jacket, and my oversized chunky necklace from Aldo.

            Can’t wait until we link up as a group again because it’s always fun times.


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