McDonald’s All American Game

            I’ve always loved basketball, from a very young age.  I, also, like to cheer on a good game.  Teaching in a high school setting I love to go to my students’ games, every chance I get and cheer them on.

            For years I’ve watched the McDonald’s All American game on TV and I told myself that I would make it to a game when it’s in Chicago.  This year was the perfect year, not only because there were players from the region playing in the game but that one of them was from my alma mater, West Side High School in Gary Indiana, and a female player.  Dana Evans, had a phenomenal high school career.  She led her team to two sectional titles, had the opportunity to play on the USA Under 18 National Team, named IBCA supreme underclassmen 2015 and 2016, and every player of the week over the years in the local paper.

            On to the fashion.  After, having a conversation with a friend I got on the internet, I’ll do anything to keep from having to do homework, and began looking at some of my favorite sites.  At first I wasn’t a fan of the patchwork items, that seem to be the craze this season, but the more pieces I see the more I am beginning to love it.  While searching one of the sites I came across a black multi patch faux leather jacket that I fell in love with.  Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do regular price and this jacket was no different.  I was able to catch this regular price $61 jacket for $37.90 which was on sale and I was able to use a coupon code.

            I knew this jacket would pop with all black.  So I wore the jacket with a black V-neck t-shirt and my black Rip Me Open jeans from Fashion Nova.  Accessories are sometimes everything.  I added my red velvet choker, black faux leather and gold choker set.  Finishing the look with my red Huaraches.

            I can’t wait to share my upcoming fashion looks and inspirations this season as I have several events coming up starting at the end of April.  Stay tuned.


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