Viva Los Bulls

            I’m one of those people who actually reads their “junk emails.”  Back in July one of my coworkers introduced me on to a site called TravelZoo.  TravelZoo offers deals on flights, hotels, vacations, cruises, restaurants, spas, and so much more.  Reading through my emails one morning I saw a heading that read Chicago Bulls at the United Center.  I went to look at the tickets and the site offered 100-level seats for $121.  I knew I had to go to a game because it was a really good deal.

I purchased tickets to the LA Clippers vs Chicago Bulls game this past Saturday.   Even though, the Clippers won the game it was still a very good game.  Chris Paul was off the injured list and now back in his starting position.  We were able to catch Paul Pierce, who’s in his last season, giving advice to Blake Griffin.  I, also, experienced watching Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler play together, which was exciting.

By this time everyone should know that I love to be comfortable.  A Bulls game is no different.  For the game, I wore a Dolman V-neck olive green top (from Windsor), Leave Me Alone jeans (from FashionNova), and Army Fatigue Sneaker Wedges (from Aldo).  I paired the outfit with a couple of chokers from Charlotte Russe. Finally, the last bit of pizazz was added by me wearing my What a Time Faux Leather Fur Trim Bomber (from Akira).

I really enjoyed the game and I can’t wait to catch more games, especially if I can find these type of deals.


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