Trap of Die 3 Tour

            I always receive emails from Ticketmaster and LiveNation about that upcoming concerts in the area.  One day I was checking my email and noticed that Jeezy would be performing at the House of Blues.  Anytime it’s a person that I’m interested in seeing perform I always go check out the ticket prices.  When, I went to look at the prices for tickets they were about $50, which was totally reasonable for me.

            Later, that day a friend of mines posted a status on Facebook stating that she wanted to go see Jeezy. I immediately commented on it stating that I was down to go.  A day or two later she texted me informing me that her best friend had purchased their tickets so I went and grabbed me a ticket the same day.

            Since, I knew that the concert was at a standing room only venue, so I wanted to be comfortable the entire show.  I had found an olive green distressed t-shirt that I figured would be very comfortable to wear to the concert.  I order the shirt on President’s Day wishing that it would be here before the concert, which was a week later.  Leaving work the day before the concert I checked the tracking just to make sure the shit would arrive before the concert.  FedEx transferred the shipment to USPS adding a day to the delivery meaning that it would arrive until Wednesday, March 1st.   I completely had to change my plans for the day because I had to find something to wear to the concert.

            I headed to the mall after work.  I started In Windsor not really finding what I looking for, then I headed in Charlotte Russe but I still came up empty.  Finally, I ended up in Akira.  I walked around the store for about 10 minutes looking for something until a sale representative came up to me asking if I need help.  After, explaining my situation to her she suggest starting a room and putting together some looks.  About 15 minutes later I go in the fitting room to look at what she has pulled.  I wasn’t pleased with any of the outfits but I liked several individual pieces.  I gave her a few more suggestions and she showed me an off the shoulder sweater.

Wanting to keep with the original idea of wearing gym shoes, I ended up purchasing their Uptown Zip Front off the Shoulder top in heather grey and Ammo Big Booty Next Level Hi Waist pant in olive green.  I wanted my red Huaraches to pop so I added a red velvet choker, with an olive green long wrap choker, and red studded clutch.

            Jeezy killed it!   I definitely can admit that going to the concert was worth the struggle I faced during the rest of the work week.  I most definitely can’t hangout late like I used to and go to work the next day.  I’m looking forward to the next event!


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