Last Minute, Let’s Go

            It’s not too many nights when I don’t have my daughter but this past weekend was definitely the case.  Friday night I did absolutely nothing so Saturday I was determined to get out the house.  A friend of mines texted me Saturday telling me about a surprise party she was throwing for her best friend, so I took this as a perfect opportunity to get out the house.

            As Saturday night rolled around I wasn’t in the mood to really go out anymore, signs that I’m getting older, but I forced myself to get out the bed and put some clothes on.  I had no idea what I wanted to wear but I knew I didn’t want to wear a dress.  Super casual but cute was the look I was trying to achieve.  I decided on wearing some red wedges that I’ve own for a couple of years now.

            I paired the wedges with my acid wash hooded jacket, with my black leatherette jeans, my multi-colored plaid scarf, my red studded clutch, gold toned choker, and bangle set, and oversized crystal earrings.








            Before we went to the party we stopped at a local bar for a few drinks and to socialize with a few friends.  The party was nice and the DJ kept the songs in rotation.


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