Aquarius Bash 2017

            The last weekend of January the whole crew got together not only for a good time but for one of my good friends birthday.  Several people I know were out celebrating their birthdays, as well, so the party was lit.  The party was at the venue where they’ve held the last couple of birthday bashes, at Bar Top Shelf.

            She informed us about the party some time December about the date of the party.  Even though, I had over a month to decide on what I was going to wear I didn’t make up my mind until a couple of hours before the party.  I decided to wear my Taupe Set In Stripes Midi dress I purchased back in September from Windsor.  I paired the dress with my burgundy Mary Jane heels, my burgundy quilted crossbody (which I wore as a clutch), a gold toned choker, bangle set, and rings.






            The night was awesome as usual and I can’t wait until the turn up continues.


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