Ladies’ Night Remixed

                My girls and I will get together, quite frequently, to enjoy each other’s company.  Some Ladies’ Nights are lighter more for jokes and giggles and other times we link up on a more serious note.  Our last Ladies’ Night was remixed a little.  A couple of the girls wanted to link up for a crafts night.  Of course, everyone was down but we had no idea what we wanted to craft.  One of my friends had tagged us in a video on Facebook where some ladies created a Christmas wreath using pool noodles.  We all instantly decided that is what we wanted to do.  So throughout the week everyone gathered the ornaments they wanted to use on their wreaths.

                Finally, Saturday came and everyone met up at Amber’s house to get to work on their wreaths.  Everyone’s wreath spoke to their personalities.  The evening led into the night but the wreaths came out great.  I can’t wait to link up with the ladies again, whether we are crafting or just enjoying each other’s company.


img_5371 img_5372 img_5373 img_5375 img_5376fullsizeoutput_54b8fullsizeoutput_54c1img_5429img_5431fullsizeoutput_54c0fullsizeoutput_54bfimg_5428

img_5377 img_5378 img_5379 img_5380 img_5381 img_5382 img_5383 img_5384img_5385 img_5388 img_5389 img_5391 fullsizeoutput_54cb img_5394 fullsizeoutput_54ca fullsizeoutput_54c9 img_5399 img_5400img_5401 img_5402 img_5403 fullsizeoutput_54c7 fullsizeoutput_54c8 img_5410 img_5409 img_5408 img_5411 img_5412


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