Member’s Only

            This past Thanksgiving weekend, friends and family came from near and far to be with the ones they love for the holiday.  A couple of friends and I decided to hit a few spots in the city.  We starts at a local club where someone was holding a party, the crowd wasn’t worth going in so we decided to see what other places had to offer.  Sissy and I ended up at Que’s Lounge where the crowd was a little older but they were partying their hearts out.  Finally, we joined a few other friends at Pepe’s where I was able to catch up with several classmates I hadn’t seen in a while and have a few drinks and laughs with my friends.

            Since, it was just a Friday night I wanted to be cute and casual.  I decided to wear a pair of high-waist jeans with a white bodysuit.  I added a hint of color with Mauve Tongue tied heel and mauve bomber jacket.  For accessories I went with a gold chainlink choker necklace and my teardrop stoned earrings.











            It’s always a good time when my girls and I link up. I’m sad I missed the turn up on Saturday but mommy duties had called.


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