A Night at Society

           One of my friends that I’ve known for ten plus years decided to celebrate her birthday at Society 2201, which is also where she works at bartending.  Society is located in the business district of Downtown Chicago.  I had never been to Society so I was excited to go somewhere new and see some new faces.  The attire for her birthday party was All Black.  Instantly, I began to think that I had exhausted my collection of black dresses, so I needed to find something to wear.

            While running errands and Christmas shopping I decided to stop in Discovery Clothing to see what they had to offer.  After walking around the store for what seemed like forever I decided on a black velvet keyhole dress.  Now, buying shoes was out of the question so I was trying to figure out what shoes I could wear that I already owned.  I had all black ones but I was worried the textures of the dress and the shoes would clash.  I eventually decided on my Red Kiss studded passion print booties. J,j  I finished the look with my red studded clutch, gold brushed button earrings, and gold bangle set.








            Overall, the night was fun.  New York based rapper, AZ, was in the building and the club even recorded the mannequin challenge while we were there.  Check it out on Instagram on the clubs page, @society2201.  I will definitely be back.


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