Welcoming Prince EJ

Prince Eric will be arriving in about a week and we can’t wait to meet him.  This past weekend a couple of my friends celebrated the arrival of their new bundle of joy.  Of course, her close friends had to come together to throw the couple an awesome baby shower.  It’s crazy because the planning was at a minimal.  The tasks were divided by our strengths and then we came together Saturday more to combine what we had come up with.  Amber was in charge of invitations and baby shower games, Lay Lay was in charge of desert, Pia decoration with Amber chipping in, and Mioshee refreshments and prizes, and I was doing the candy table.  I was amazed with how well things coordinated without us communicating nothing but the colors.

When I found out the theme I went on Pinterest to look for ideas decorative pieces I could add to the table to accent the candy.  Then I went on Oriental Trading to find candy that went with the colors the mommy-to-be had chosen. The Monday before the event the candy arrived.  I opened the box to get out a couple of decorations and discovered that I had received the wrong order.  I immediately called them and they shipped out my correct order which I received by the end of them week.  The customer service agent event said I could keep the candy they sent to me in error so I had bonus candy for the table.













By now, I know that everyone knows me and knows that I’m extra so of course I had to coordinate with the table.  I didn’t know what I wanted to wear but I knew I already owned it.  I ended wearing my royal blue cape blazer, black leatherette pants, and black lace bodysuit.  I added my silver statement necklace, I purchased off Amazon back in August, my Privileged Rowe blue floral wedge sneaker, and Steve Madden royal blue clutch.  Since, I was already dressed I just made a night of it and hit a couple of spots with some friends.








I absolutely love crafting and can’t wait to share with you what I create next.


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