Maxed Print

          Well, your birthday only comes once a year and we always want it to be a special day when it does come around.  So for that reason I wanted to look extra original for my birthday and wear something that I had not worn in the past.  Several months ago while scrolling on Facebook I came across a website that specialized in African print clothing.  D’Iyanu was launched at the beginning of 2014 by Addie Olutola, of Nigerian decent.  Her love for fashion and bold designs inspired her to share her gift with the world.  The site sells women, men, and children clothing.  It also offers a variety of accessories as well.  Currently, the all the products are manufactured in Philadelphia, PA.

            I originally wanted to order a skirt for another event but it did not work out at the time so I decided my birthday would be the next best thing.  I initially was going to purchase a bold blue printed skirt but changed my mind when I thought of the idea of ordering matching skirts my daughter and me.

I ended up ordering a red, yellow, and white printed skirt.  The model had on an off the shoulder white bodysuit which I really like paired with the skirt.  Since, my birthday was on a school day I knew that shirt wouldn’t be appropriate for school so I wanted to find a white cap sleeved shirt or bodysuit to compliment the skirt.  I eventually found one on Charlotte Russe’s site.  Not only did I want the skirt to make a statement but I also wanted a nice piece of jewelry to compliment the skirt.  I ended up finding a piece of jewelry on amazon that I believed would look great with the top and skirt.  I ended wearing my flat camel and gold Guess sandals since I knew I would be on my feet all day.









Overall, my birthday and the following weekend were great.


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