Horace Mann Reunion Weekend 2016: Picnic

           Well, let me say this, the struggle was REAL the next day.  The last day of the reunion weekend, Sunday, is always the picnic.  It took me forever to meet up with my family and friends on Horace Mann’s track and field lawn.

The picnic was probably just as much fun as the dance.  I got to see everyone that I usually only see during the alumni weekend, meet children of my friends’, and spend some much needed time with my family members.

After, a crazy night/morning I ran to the mall to find something to wear to the picnic.  I immediately went to my go to store, Windsor. In Windsor I found a burgundy In Detail Laser Cut blouse, which happened to be one of Horace Mann’s school colors.  I wore the blouse with a pair of simple high-waist jeans and my gold and camel Guess sandals.  Since, I wasn’t in the mood to do my hair I wore my tan floppy hat.





Next year will be just as much fun and I can’t wait until then!



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