Tag! You’re It!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mines invited me to tag along with her on a party bus to help celebrate her friends’ wedding anniversary.  I was kind of excited about going because I had not partied outside the city in quite some time.  We met at on of the local casinos for a little pre-gaming and then once the bus arrived we headed downtown for a night of fun.  Our first stop was, in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, at one of their Bar Louie locations.  Bar Louie is a local bar chain which features their own handcrafted martinis and signature dishes.  We then traveled more downtown to the SoundBar, which is a club, but since it was so late by the time we to their we couldn’t gain entry so we ended up across the street and another club who was playing some of the best techno music around.

As my collection of reserved dresses is starting to deplete, I managed to find a dress that I had not had the opportunity to wear in my closet that I purchased back in February during a snow day at work.  The Royal Tonight is Love dress was perfect for the night.  The royal blue dress went perfect with my lime fringe heels, link chain, and handgun clutch.  I also wore my gold bangle set and gold brushed button earrings.




The night was fun and now it’s time to start restocking my closet with a new dresses so that I’m ready for the upcoming months.


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