Gala Gorgeous

As the school year comes to an end, all of the end of the year festivities are in full swing.  My daughter’s preschool held its annual gala where students, parents, and staff, dressed in their Sunday’s best, came together to celebrate a successful school year.  The Candy Land themed event was held at a local venue, the Avalon Manor.  The preschoolers were entertained by balloon animals, music, and even Princess Tiana plus Captain America came to take pictures and sign autographs.  The event also included a Grand March, a royal court, and a special dance for the children with their parents.

            When I first heard about the Gala I knew I wanted everyone to wear the same color.  I originally saw the Monica Black Lace and Taffeta Two Piece Prom Dress on Windsor’s website in February but it sold out so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to order.  The site restocked it in March and I immediately order it.  Once, I ordered the dress for myself, I took to Amazon to find something for my daughter to wear.  I found her a white satin dress.  The dress included a black velvet baroque lace pattern and black satin sash.

            I paired my dress with my gold/black suede Firan necklace, gold/black suede Brunty bracelet set, and gold/crystal Prenan earrings.  I wore my single sole black heels purchased from Windsor last year.  I had an amazing time with my daughter and her dad at the Gala, even though she went diva mode on me a couple times.





            I’m excited to experience new things with my daughter as she transitions to kindergarten.


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