A Red Carpet Affair

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of chaperoning my first high school prom, even though I have attended the Grand March several years in the past.  All the students came dressed to impress this year.  The Grand March was held at the high school where parents, students, friends, faculty, and staff could see the students before the prom.  The prom was then held at a local banquet hall in Merrillville, Indiana called The Fiesta Palace.  The food was good and the students really had a great time!

            Every time I know that I have to be around students I attempt to conceal as much of my shape as possible.  Keeping that in mind, after searching for a couple of weeks I finally decided on a retro inspired tea-length dress.  The sleeveless dress featured navy and white strips with bold hot pink flowers.  I complimented the dress with a pair of hot pink criss cross platform heels, shimmy hot pink necklace, a pair of pyramidal crystal stud earrings, and an open concept silver with crystal embellished bracelet.








            All the work that the seniors and their sponsor committed to have a successful prom paid off because everything looked great and everyone had an excellent time.


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