Something New

In efforts to meet new people and find new places to go, a friend and I decided to go to Blue Island, Illinois to visit some bars in the area.  These bars had been popping up on my newsfeed for months and I thought it would be the perfect time to hit one up on this particular night.  Once, we got on the strip where most of the bars were located, Western Ave, we decided to go to Raven’s Place.  The bar was really nice.  It’s a two-level bar were the upper level can look down onto the dance floor below.  It’s a really nice spot if you want to get out with your significant other and enjoy some drinks and music.

            Since, I knew we would, at most, be just going from bars to bars I didn’t want to wear a dress or get overly fancy.  I originally was going to wear a black bodysuit but I wasn’t feeling the outfit that was coming together, so I took one more trip to my closet to see what I could find.  I ended up wearing a sage bodysuit that I purchased during my Windsor haul back in February. I paired the bodysuit with my light wash beach bum jeans I purchased from Fashion Nova, and my camel colored fringe heels from Windsor.  Since, the bodysuit had v-neckline with a choker I added a simple silver stone necklace.





            Overall, I had a great time hanging out and exploring next places.  Can’t wait to hit the streets and see what I can find next.


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