Windsor Haul

My life is so boring right now but I miss writing and blogging you I’ve decided to write a couple of blogs that go beyond what I’m wearing.  So every once and a while I will be blogging about things that go beyond an “OOTN.” Late February, Midwest Indiana was blessed with a severe snow storm which caused a State of Emergency in the region.  State of Emergency means I was stuck in the house for a couple day which lead to cabin fever and cabin fever leads to shopping.  Coincidentally, one of my favorite sites was having a 20% off the entire site for one day only.

Let me tell you I lost my mind when I saw they were having a sale too, probably because the site rarely has sales.  I spent over $200 after the sale on eight items.  Let me share with you what I bought including a short description of each product.

IMG_2781 IMG_2782

Mauve Heavy Crochet Sweater – $44.90

IMG_2783 IMG_2784

Back to Black Stripes Bodysuit – $26.90

 IMG_2787 IMG_2786

Sage Dare to Expose Zipper Bodysuit – $26.90

 IMG_2788 IMG_2789

Black Secret Moment Sweater – 27.90

 IMG_2790 IMG_2791

Olive Adore Me Midi Dress – $36.90

 IMG_2792 IMG_2793

Royal Tonight is Love Dress – $37.90

 IMG_2795 IMG_2796

(Someone needs to get married so I can wear this to the wedding. Thanks in advance for the invite!)

Gray Bella Fascinator – $18.90

I’m already scoping some new items I want but I’m patiently waiting for perhaps another popup sale.


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